Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Another teddy bear completed

Here is my newest creation to my little bear hug.  He is an unusually coloured orange guy made from a vintage rayon that I purchased from the USA.  I love sewing the mini bears in vintage rayon because, if you look close you will see that there is virtually no pile to the fabric, and it is always a challenge for me to create a bear from rayon with no visible stitches.  (Sewing with mohair, or similar plush fabrics, always helps to hide the stitches!).

Anyway, his name is Everard - an unusual name I know, but he was named by one of the ladies in the teddy making group that I go to.  If you are as old as me and can remember the Larry Grayson show (UK 1970's) then you will remember Everard.  Enough said!

It's always pleasing when a bear will stand up on his own too ......

...... but he'd much rather have a little bear hug!

Thanks for popping by .... there's a little panda in the sewing bag now!

Visit again soon!!



Shelly said...

Just stumbled across your blog when on the DoCrafts forum... and I haven't been there for ages! I adore Everard... he's so cute in your hand! I was a baby when Larry Grayson was on tv, but I kinda remember. Anyway, your little bear is just too cute for words! Love it!
Shelly ;)

Gina K said...

Do you sell your bears, and if so, where?!? I am currently waiting on an artist bear from Tammy's memorial bears. She's making me a bear from my husband's wool scarves (my husband passed away in 2009). I am always interested in adding new bears to my growing collection, and I LOVE miniatures. Yours have such fabulous little faces!