Friday, 5 February 2010

Miniature Clown Bear

Well, my mini clown bear is finally finished.  I've been making him on and off for the last three weeks - he has probably taken me about 12 hours to make.  Smaller bears do not mean less time to make than larger bears.  They can be so fiddly that often they taken longer to make than big bears.

He is about  5.25cm tall and in case you don't believe me, here's a piccy of him sitting next to my thimble!

He is made from an Emily Farmer kit but the little heart buttons are an extra that I've added.  He is supposed to be wearing a pointy clown hat.  I did make it but think I prefer him without the hat.  Leave me a comment and let me know - hat or no hat?

TOP TIP! ....I'd just like to share with you on of my top tips if you are making miniature bears.  Bear makers use lots of implements for stuffing their bears but many of the "bought" ones are too large for mini bears.  People use knitting needles, kebab skewers and loads of different things to help push the stuffing into toes and hands.  My preferred tool is a spare Nintendo DS stylus - they can be picked up really cheaply in packs or 3 or 4.

They are the perfect size to fit into the palm of your hand to help push the stuffing down the limbs and have a rounded end which helps to avoid the terrible fate of pushing the stick right through the toe fabric (yes, I have been there!).

My other top tip is - make sure you buy your own stylus.  Don't pinch the one out of Other Half's DS or the kids DS - otherwise you won't be a very popular crafter!!!

Thanks for looking and I love to hear your comments!

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Becky said...

Oh wow AJ! I am so impressed with your teddy! I wish I could make these as I love teddies!! It looks so perfect, well done!!
Love Becky xx