Sunday, 28 February 2010

First delivery made

Just a quick posting this morning to show you the first 20 cards that I have made for the DoCrafts Cancer Research campaign. 

I delivered these 20 cards yesterday to the Cancer Research shop in Halesowen.  The ladies in the shop were very grateful and when I asked if they had any more spare cello bags for some more cards I was given a large handful of them to keep me busy.

As I left the shop they were looking through my creations and I could hear "ooooh, that's a nice one!" which made me smile.

I've still got another 80 to make to fulfil my pledge to make 100 cards for charity this year, meaning that the charity will benefit by £100.  Please join in this campaign if you can - click the link on my side bar to go to the DoCrafts campaign page. 

Must go now, have some more cards to make this morning.

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