Saturday, 12 December 2009

Secret Santa

Hi Bloggers, here's a couple of photos of my latest Crafty Creation.  It is a miniature teddy bear that I finished sewing this morning.  He is for a Secret Santa gift for one of the lovely ladies at the teddy making group that I go to every week.  As it is a teddy class, the Secret Santa gift has to be teddy bear related.  I have bought a teddy bear mug and I am going to pop him inside as an extra surprise.  He is made from a pale grey cashmere fabric and he is from a pattern that I got from a teddy making magazine.  I had a bag of steel shot delivered this morning, so his tummy is stuffed with a little bag of shot, making him a nice, weighty bear to hold.

Here he is in my hand - I think that this photo gives a better perspective of his size.  I haven't named him, I'll leave that job up to his new owner.  Hope they will like him!

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