Thursday, 17 December 2009

Ruby bear

Here's Ruby - I finished her a few weeks ago but only just realised that I haven't put a photo of her on my blog.  She is made from some very soft and velvety fabric, recycled from an old table cloth.  Ruby was made as a little momento for my parent's Ruby Wedding Anniversary and she is now happily living in my mother's dolls house!

Anyway, Secret Santa teddy (see below post).  My parcel was chosen by one of the best teddy makers in our group - her work is stunning.  I hope that she likes the new addition to her bear hug.  I have my Sectret Santa parcel under the tree, eagerly awaiting to open it on Christmas day.  Had an obligatory squeeze of the parcel but I can't guess - feels like a small box with something squidgy on top - I'm still a small child at heart!

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