Thursday, 17 March 2011

A Welcome win and a blog award

I love going to the craft show at the NEC Birmingham and spent way too much money when I went there last November.  With that in mind, I was thinking of giving the March show a miss, so as to give my pennies a chance to build up again!  However, I did enter a competition a few weeks ago and I was surprised that I won 2 tickets for the show next week!  I guess that I'll just have to go now - I need to hunt down the back of the sofa, under the bed, behind the fridge to see if I can find any lost £20 notes to add to my craft show fund, ha! ha! 

I've also had another award from blogging buddy Jasmina.

So, I need to:
  • Thank Jasmnia at Dreamy Land for the award - thank you!
  • Tell you 7 things about myself:
    • Favourite singer is Pink
    • I sing Pink songs (badly) when I'm in the car alone!!!
    • Favourite TV show is Desperate Housewives
    • I love staying home - I'm not a going out person!
    • My stamp collection is getting way too largeand needs to be thinned down.
    • I am trying to decide where to spend my summer holiday this year but can't decide - any suggestions?
    • Favourite food - probably jacket potato with cheese
  • Now I need to pass the award on to 15 other bloggers - I'll have to have a think on that one and get back to you!
Must start preparing a shopping list for next week's craft show at the NEC!


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Jasmina said...

I also like Pink and Desperate Housewives. We have some things in common;). I just can't wait for another episode of Desperate Housewives. For the holidays, I recommend you my beautiful country Slovenia;). We have all here in our small country. The Alps, seaside, karst caves, lovely lakes(Bled, Bohinj). You can see the whole country in a short time;).