Sunday, 6 March 2011

Another blog award

I have been lucky enough to have another blog award this week.  Jasmina over at Dreamy Land left me a lovely comment to say that she's passing this blog award on to me.  It really makes my day when I read the comments that you leave on my blog and to see that I have almost 200 followers now - WOW!  - now, that is real inspiration to me!

Here goes then .... The main purpose of this award is to bring to life bloggers who are creative, make wonderful creations, but have less than 300 followers.

The rules of this award are:

1.) Create a post where you blog about the Liebster love award and choose 3-5 blogs to pass this award to.

2.) Let these bloggers know you passed this award to them.

3.) Copy and paste this award on your blog

Here's who I would like to pass my award to:

Missy B - Always good for a crafty conversation and her cards for Little Claire's are so lovely.
Charity Crafter - Leigh's blog is a great place for inspiration and tips for crafting on a budget. 
Susie's Card Making Adventure - I just love to visit her blog to see the lovely cards.

Thank you once again to Jasmina for the award - back soon with a card or two!


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MissyB said...


Thank you for my blog award.

missy x