Sunday, 17 January 2010

Little bear's finished

I managed to finish this little bear last night - he stands about 3" tall and I think he's a little cutie.  He will definitely be staying in my collection.
TOP TIP! ....I've used my Letraset Promarkers to shade around his nose and around the pads on his feet .  The pens are great for gentle shading - I bought them for my card making but I think they will be just as useful in my teddy making kit.  Looks like I'll be buying more promarkers in teddy colours now!

And, here's a picture of him without my hand being in the way:


Emma said...

Totally adorable....
Hugs Emma x

Amanda said...

Very cute. You have done a great job in making him. He is so tiny and adorable. I just want to reach out a kiss him.