Monday, 29 November 2010

My weekend wedding pictures

If you visit my blog regularly, you will know that I spent this weekend in Somerset at my cousin's wedding.  I thought that I'd share a few photos with you...  Here she is with her new husband.  If you saw my CYDA wedding card on Saturday, it was for this wedding.

Fortunately the snow kept away, apart from a few light flurries and the 100 mile drive went without problems (even though I was driving, LOL!).  The day was bitterly cold and frosty but it did not spoil a wonderful day for us.  My youngest son was so proud to be asked to be their Page Boy and looked so smart in his wedding outfit (although I think his teeth were chattering a little bit on this photo!).

Here's me at the reception - taken by my OH, which explains why it is out of focus!  However, this photo isn't about me, it is about my fuschia pink Butler and Wilson beaded and embroidered handbag!!!  I think that this probably is my most favourite handbag that I own (at the moment) and, yes, I am known as a bit of a Bag Lady!  I often buy outfits to match my bags and dress to match the bag I want to use, rather than the other way round.

Me and my cousin, we are both "only children" so she is a very special person to me:

Little one again - he just loves to have his photo taken ....

.... and blowing bubbles while waiting for his meal.

And I guess that this one of me was when I had enjoyed a glass or two of the wine, after having the most wonderful food ever!

I have just about managed to thaw out now but it is -5 here at the moment.  I really don't like this cold weather so early on in the winter although we are much better off than the north of England who have some really bad snow at the moment.

Pop back soon for some more card pictures!



jackiescrafts said...

Lovely photos Amanda, thanks for sharing. I'm glad the weather was kind for you even if it was cold

Hugs Jackie x

Carol Ann said...

Wow fab photos, a very handsome page boy! and that wee handbag is just gorgeous :) looks like you all had a lovely day.
Carol Ann xx

Karina said...

Wonderful pics from the wedding of your cousin. It seems as you had a great day. Here in Switzerland we got lots of snow as well.
Hugs, Karina