Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! 

Here's my youngest at a Halloween party this weekend.  Do you like his face paints?  Yep, that's down to me again!  Fortunately my son will sit for ages to get his face painted by me without complaining once and the reason why ...... he is so totally competative and he will do anything to win!  I try to teach him that "It's the taking part that counts" but he is of the opinion that there's no point doing something unless you plan to win. 

He spent about 3 hours, before the competition, without eating or drinking for fear or ruining his face paints.  He hardly cracked a smile all night (very unlike him) because he needed to stay in character!!!

Anyway, he got 2nd place in the fancy dress competition at the party - but should have been 1st, although my opinion is biased isn't it?  He was happy with his 2nd place, as he won the same prize as 1st place - a big bucket of sweets.  I did remind him that it was fun just to take part but he said "No, it's all about the winning!" - oh dear!

We just need to get the red liner marks from round his eyes still - anyone would have thought I put it on with permanent markers.  He looks like he's had no sleep for days!

Anyway, have a spookily Happy Halloween!


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McCrafty's Cards said...

You did a great job on the make up, he looks brilliant, so glad he won a prize, I hope hes going to share his sweets with you.
Kevin xx