Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Happy 19th birthday Muffin - cute cat pics!

I love looking at other pets in Blogland so I thought that today would be an ideal opportunity to share some pics of my feline friends! 

Today is my old boy, Muffin's 19th birthday and as you can see from the picture, he is now a fragile little thing (with a slightly insane look about him!).  He is also very deaf - or does a really good job of ignoring me!  He had a little plate of smoked salmon last night as a treat and there may be a little bit more for today - if he's good!!!

He doesn't wander any further than the back garden now - this is his favourite spot, sunbathing by the rhubarb.  Can you spot him?

And, its not his birthday, but my other cat always likes to steal the limelight.  Here's the beautiful Monty ....

He is an indoor cat and is terrified of being outside, especially of walking on grass (I wonder if this is a real phobia??).  At 9 years old he is a total big baby and this is what he spends most of his day doing - lying down making himself look pretty!

His second favourite past time is sitting by the fish tank watching for hours on end, trying to catch the loaches when they swim by.  He never quite succeeds though, I wonder why???

Hoped you liked to see my little kitty pics!  I'll be back tomorrow with another card.

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Susan Says (Stupid Stuff) said...

Happy Birthday Muffin! Both your cats look wonderful :D

shaz earl said...

Happy Birthday Muffin!! great photo's Amanda i love animals too we had a cat named Muffin but she was a long haired version of your Muffin, we have a dog now and 1 that don't like cats lol xx

Gem said...

ohhh they are soooo beautiful Amanda! Happy birthday to Muffin, what a ripe old age he's reached and still looking handsome! :) X

Gina K said...

They're cute! Happy Birthday to Muffin!