Saturday, 20 October 2012

A dabble at a shamballa bracelet

After spending a fair amount of money to buy a shamballa style bracelet I was really disappointed when the cord snapped after just a few weeks.  The remains of it have been gathering dust on my bedside table for the past few months.  I found some shamballa cord at Hobbycraft last week so today I set about re-making my bracelet.

Not having a clue where to start, I did a bit of searching on the net and found several video clips but I'd rather read how to do something than watch it.  I found a great page of instructions on the Beaders Companion website - downloads page which I was able to print off and keep at the side of my work until I'd got the hang of the square knot. 

It really was so much easier than I expected it would be - I want to make another one now!  Maybe I will now start to use some of the jewellry making stash that I keep buying and not doing anything with.  All I have to do is to find a couple of small beads to put on the ends of the cord pulls to finish it off. If I make another one, I may try using some of my Fray Stoppa rather than melting the ends of the cord with a lighter.

If I manage to break this one after a few weeks, at least I know how to re-make it again!  Have a go - they really are easy to make - I need some more sparkly beads now!

Thanks for looking,



Jo said...

Wow, gorgeous bracelet! Have been wanting to have a go at these for've given me the kick start I off to hunt supplies on internet as we dont have Hobbycraft near us! Hope mine turns out as good as yours!
Hugs Jo x

**Farrah** said...

Where are you? I'm missing your wonderful creations.