Wednesday, 1 June 2011

At last, I have a work desk!

It may be just a small work desk, tucked away in the corner of my bedroom, but at last - no more crafting on the dining table for me!!!  I had to give up my, then, sewing room when my youngest was born 10 years ago.  Also, I think that I am making it far too comfortable for my oldest for him to consider ever leaving home, so for now, I am more than delighted with my little crafting corner.

I am sharing my workspace with the WOYWW this week - you may recall a while back that I photographed the (open) left hand wardrobe, which is full of shelves of my crafting supplies.  I'm a bit afraid to open it today - after my tidy up things are strategically balanced inside and at great risk of toppling at any moment LOL!  I bought the cream metal drawer units from Ikea on Saturday - they were only about £20 each and quite by chance, are exactly the same height as the old painted pine table.  I've covered the old pine chair with a cover that I made from a disused pair of curtains.

So here's what's actually on my work desk at the moment:

I visited The Range on Monday and bought these goodies - the Creativity magazine has a free little polka dot embossing folder and a Me To You rubber stamp.  I also love the new Fizzy Moon stamps and bought some paper flowers to match.  The Kling-on is because I am removing some of my rubber stamps from the wooden blocks and mounting them onto foam.  Then to the left of the picture are some pom-pom makers.  I followed the pictoral instructions, carefully winding the wool and securing with a knot, then ended up with a desk full of 2" strands of wool in a clump - twice!  I need to study the pictures more - it seemed so easy :(.

These arrived yesterday - two patterns and pieces of fabric.  I can't wait to start making a new teddy now - or even the little elephant!  The pink fabric is synthetic but is the softest ever.  The pale lilac is a hand dye mohair and should make a lovely antique style bear.

Here's a close up of them - they came from - from a lovely shop called The Old Pin cushion, if any of you are interested.

I'm afraid there's not too much on my workdesk today, I am being a bit of a neat-freak at the moment with my new craft space (it won't last)!

Thanks for looking today,



Helen said...

Good luck with the teddy/elephant - hope it is more successful than your pompoms! Your desk looks way to white and clean to craft on.... however if you keep the ink away.... have a fun day.

Annie said...

Happy WOYWW 2nd Birthday. It's so lovely to be linked up with so many creative friends. Really love your new crafting space. Happy crafting.
A x

Twiglet said...

What a calm and peaceful workspace you have created. Happy 2nd anniversary!

shazsilverwolf said...

Great desk, Happy WOYWW, heres to many more

Nicky said...

Love your new craft space - looking forward to seeing the bear or elephant you make ~ Happy WOYWW Anniversary

Kathleen said...

What a delightful craft area, I'm still working from the dining room table and can't see it being any other way, as long as I can craft I'm happy. having said this I do eye everyone's dedicated craft rooms with envy.
Kathleen x

SueH said...

I’m making a special effort to get around everyone as it’s a special week this week.

Glad to see you have your own craft space at last!

You have some lovely new goodies to play with there Amanda. I’m useless with a sewing machine but I love your two new patterns, especially the little elephant and the colours of the fabric are beautiful.

Happy WOYWW 2nd Anniversary and …………….
Happy Crafting!

Dragon said...

Glad you now have a crafty space... can you keep it that white ??? Have a great week

angelfish said...

Such a pristine work space:)Enjoy messing it up a bit soon!

donnalouiserodgers said...

Oh Amanda,

I get the rooms the boys get the corners,

and they turned out okay,

Happy PIF 104


Nicks said...

Happy 104th WOYWW - its great to see your workspace and 'meet' you through blogland

Happy Creating xx

Asia King (aka Joanna K) said...

Happy 104th WOYWW! Lovely to "meet" you in the blogland and what a great work space! ;))

Joanna x

MvM-design said...

Happy 2nd WOYWW anniversary!
Hugs Marleen :-)

Angie said...

Love your chair cover glad you have anarea that is yours ...even if things are likely to leap from the cupboard on to you all looks so neat and tidy. I shared a craft room with DD until she and her partner fostered her partners nephews it is divided between our two bedrooms but I think i like it that way.

okienurse said...

Great new work space there in the corner of the room. Very nice cloth and patterns hope you share the finished project. Happy #104-2nd Anniversary of WOYWW Thanks for sharing. Vickie #55

Sarah said...

Congratulations on your new space - enjoy it to the max!
Happy WOYWW...Thanks for sharing and have a great week,
Sarah at 12

Anonymous said...

My ES son made pom-poms for me at Christmas using 2 circles of card with a hole cut in them and then multi strands of wool. Much easier than the usual one strand at a time method.
I share my crafty space with him (ES) in the mistaken belief that he will get fed up and move out - not working though.
Happy WOYWW-versary
x TRicia

Tertia said...

Would love to see the teddyphant.
Happy WOYWW Anniversary. I have been trying to leave a comment for days, but Blogger has been very rude!

Geri said...

What a beautiful desk and would love to see the finished fuzzy projects! Happy WOYWW.

Morti said...

Yay! Go you with your craft space.......! Love your stash haul..... Happy WOYWW 104!