Friday, 15 October 2010

Trick or Treat Basket Tutorial

I have just realised that I haven't posted the tutorial for the Halloween basket I did a couple of weeks ago, I did promise I'd post the instructions.  I found them on a blog at Easter time and it could also be easily adapted for a really pretty Christmas project too .

Here goes:

Take a square piece of card and score 9 equal squares.  I made life easy and cut my card to 9"x9" so my score lines are at 3" and 6" both on the horizontal and vertical.  Fold across the score lines then open back out.

Make a cut across the 2 score lines, stopping at the centre square.  Repeat on the opposite side, again making the 2 cuts.  Cut on 2 opposite sides only - the other 2 opposite sides must remain intact.

Decorate the four corner squares with design papers.  These will make the front and back of the basket.

Fold the 2 decorated corners together, covering the cut square, as shown.  Secure through all 3 layers of card - I usually use a brad as this is much stronger than glue.  Repeat for the opposite side.

Take a strip of matching card and cut to desired length for the handle.  Secure to basket - I use the brad for security and a spot of glue to stop the handle moving around.  I cut my handle with plain sides - they do look really pretty if you cut the edges of the handle with a border punch!

Decorate as desired!

I'd love to see if you make one too - leave me a comment with a link to your blog and I'll pop by for a visit!

I'll be back with some more cards over the weekend - thanks for stopping by!



Dazie said...

Fab tutorial and basket!

Unknown said...

O wow this looks fantastic and looks so easy to do... thanks xxx

jackiescrafts said...

Thanks for the tutorial Amanda it looks quite easy I must have a go at one of these for Christmas

Hugs Jackie x

Jennifer said...

thanks amanda. I will help the kids do some at half term xx Jenny xx