Thursday, 12 July 2012

Guess who? (Or, The hand that ruined my photo!)

Guess who's wearing the coral outfit - centre/right on the photo?

I know that there has been a terrible lack of cards on my blog lately - I do apologise.  Partly because of the fact that I am now working more hours and also because I'm getting (literally) hooked on crochet.

Anyway, I had to attend a meeting this morning in Birmingham City Centre so upon arriving at Snow Hill train station we were greeted with police and red, white and blue bunting everywhere, together with the smell of fresh paint and everywhere looking unusually clean and fresh!

Walking out of the station, there were crowd-control railings, thousands of people and flowers and flags being waved around.  I felt quite special until I realised that it was all for a special visitor was due about 10 minutes later!!!  Being a little early for the meeting, I found a spot at the front of the railings and waited - trying to spot the armed police, positioned on the tops of several office blocks around the vacinity.

The Queen arrived, together with the Duke of Edinburgh and it was a fabulous atmosphere in the City Centre - a great buzz in the air!  I just got my best shot line up (amazingly I had my camera with me from using it the previous day), the first chance I have ever seen a member of the royal family, got the zoom just perfect, focus okay, and then clicked the button - just as someone put their had right in front of the Queen for them to take a picture!!!!  Believe me, the coral dress does belong to HRH Queen Elizabeth II - my first chance in my whole life - and now it was ruined by a hand!

Within seconds she was whisked away to continue her tour - still, I've got some great memories that will always stay with me, even though it will take some convincing that the Queen really is on this picture!

Ten minutes later, I was in the work meeting and normal life resumed!

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Nicky Stevenson said...

Aww, so near - the shot that got away. I made a video of the Queen when she visited our town in Warwickshire last year, there was a great atmostphere then too. ( Bottom of this post: )

I had no idea she would come so close, just lucky I guess. (I turned off the video at the end to take a photo).

Wonder what she was in Birmingham for?