Friday, 27 May 2011

Simply Homemade - so much inspiration

Just got back from the weekly shop at Tesco where I spotted the current issue of Simply Homemade magazine.  I just had to share with you what a great buy it is for £3.99.  I love the cute unmounted stamps that came free with it and the mag is jam-packed with crafty inspiration!  There's a brilliant template sheet too.

I want to make EVERYTHING in the mag but I especially love the crochet shopping bag and the mini sewing box.  This is such a brilliant magazine for "Jack of all trades" crafters like me.  Oh no, I can feel another visit to Etsy coming on for some more supplies!!!

The next issue is out on 16th June so you've got about 2 weeks to get your copy too!


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Unknown said...

errm so you say I should buy........ he he I've been pondering if to get or not.. of course me have to pay the postage grrr