Wednesday, 16 February 2011


It's been a while since I joined in with What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday but I just wanted to share this little creation that I finished at "teddy class" on Monday evening.  So, this is my favourite little corner of the living room where Ruby my little red lappy lives and where I can do a bit of crafting while watching the TV.  The box under Ruby is full of stamped images ready to colour in.  I bought the daylight lamp a few weeks ago and couldn't live without it now! 

My pro markers never seem to be put away for very long and you can just see a little teddy cat that I found in my sewing bag the other day - he's temporarily living in the pro markers box now.  The card is for a friends birthday on Friday.  See my post below this one, the Little Claire image is currently being offered as a freebie to celebrate the launch of their digis.

Here's my new magazine that I bought while I was in Birmingham recently - I always feel a bit of a wierdo when I buy it.  I bet there's not much demand for teddy magazines, still, I've seen wierder magazines in WHSmiths, LOL!!!  I can't buy it from shop near to where I live (people obviously aren't wierd around here ha!) but it is great for inspiration and I do love to find the ones that aren't so great; it makes me feel better!

Here's a closer pic of the little teddy - sitting under the lamp.  It is made of a sparse, short haired mohair and has a belly full of steel shot to make it nice and weighty.

I'll try and get some better pics tomorrow in the daylight and will post them as soon as I can.

Thanks for looking!



Nicki said...

Aww, your little teddy is absolutely adorable Amanda, I love him! Lovely card too.

As for the mag, well, WHSmith definitely sell stranger ones than this - I should know, my hubby's a transport nut and came home at the weekend with something called 'Classic Airliner'!! So I think your teddy mag is perfectly normal, and much cuter.

Hugs, Nicki, xx

okienurse said...

What a cute little Teddy and card! Love him! I think the magazine is harmless and the homies need to get a life. I hate going into the look bookstore and looking at magazines cause of all the 'dirty' ones I see. I try not to judge the so when I pick up my crafty and girly stuff they don't judge me. Thanks for sharing
Vickie #30

Anonymous said...

LOVE that little Teddy, so sweet!

Brenda 100

Nicky said...

Love your card and your teddy is every so cute ~ Nicky no.6

Julia Dunnit said...

He's the perfect bair if you ask me Amanda, that lovely short hair makes it like a halo in the light!! I think it's funny tha tyou think your magazine choice is a bit weird...remember - 'every hobby has its nerds'...we aren't all the same but boy, we're all nerdy!!

Helen Pigott said...

Your teddy is simply adorable! I love the idea he is looking after your pens too x