Thursday, 17 June 2010

Teddy bear face tutorial

As promised, here is how I make my little teddy bear faces.  So, I have hand stitched the head pieces together and fitted a cotter pin joint for the neck.  Using a bonded nylon thread I have made two stitches to create the eye sockets.

Next, pin and then stitch the ears into place.  Where the ears are placed can greatly affect the overall character of the bear:

Use a very strong thread to stitch the eyes into place.  I use doubled up bonded nylon thread to secure my eyes:

Using a satin stitch, sew the nose onto the bear.  I sometimes draw the outline on with a fabric pen that is designed to fade after a short while so tha I can get the right shape:

Now that the nose is finished and the head is secured to the body, I like to add a little shine to the nose.  My gloss of choice is my papermaking gloss by Anitas.  The bluey-white tint will dry to a clear glossy finish:

All dry!  Now just thread joint the arms and legs onto the body and were all done .....

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Jennifer said...

Wow this is so cute! Such a sweet little face...clever you! xx Jenny xx

Sarah said...

Oh wow that looks fiddly, he is gorgeous, does he have a name yet?

Mel X said...

Wow Amanda, you make it look so easy!!! Looks so professional, my teddies eyes would be attached but with about 2inches of thread between them and the head lol. You are so very talented. How long does it take you to make one from scratch?

Mel X

JAN said...

what a wonderful tutorial..and isnt it lovely how your little teddy begins to have a personality of his own...just look at that face..isnt he just the cutest thing the second photo he looks like he is c'mon please give me some arms and in the last photo hes THAT'S BETTER!..hugs janet..P.s i am enjoying crafting with the goodies i won..ty once again :)