Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter vintage boot sale bargain

We went to an Easter Vintage gathering this weekend, where there were lots of vintage cars, bikes and trucks.  There were also traction engines and old fashioned amusements.  I couldn't resist having a little mooch around the stalls to and found a bag of about 200 vintage postcards for a bargain price of £5.  As I could only see a few of them in the bag when I paid for them, it was a bit of a lucky dip when I got home to see what I'd got for my fiver!  However, I wasn't disappointed at all - there are some superb vintage postcards in there, which, one day I will scan and use in my card making (that's the plan anyway).  Some of them, the backs are as decorative as the fronts and will make great scanned backgrounds for my card making.

I've spent hours looking through them and reading the messages and admiring the beautiful handwriting.  The oldest post mark I've found is from 1906 - an amazing 106 years old! 

My favourites are the ones from America from the 1950's but there's a fantastic Victorian birthday postcard which I love too.  As its Easter, I thought this one deserved a special show saying "Loving thoughts and wishes true, On this Easter come to you". 

I think I can see another collection starting!

Happy Easter - I'm in chocolate over load now!


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Unknown said...

wow gr8 bargain...i wanna go to a car boot the vintage and each one tells a snippett of someones life how fascinating having a read hugs sassy