Tuesday, 18 January 2011

New Challenge blog and I failed again!

I must hang my head in shame as I have failed miserably again!  As a card maker, today I committed the ultimate crime - I bought a birthday card for a friend's birthday this week.  Despite all good intentions of getting a good back up of cards, I hadn't got one suitable for this birthday.

However, in my defence, it was a "man card" and we all know how awkward they can be (the men or the cards???  I'll let you decide!).  And, I did try my best to purchase a card that looked a little bit as though some effort had been put into it by someone - it had a little wooden and fabric yatch glued on the front! 

Must try harder in future Amanda!!!  I bet there's loads of you out there who can sympathise with my dilema!  Confession over now so I can start to feel less guity!

Anyway, there's a new challenge blog launching on 5th February 2011 over at Little Claire's and to celebrate they have some great blog candy for one lucky person:

They have some really cute stamps in their range so don't forget to pop along to their blog and have a nosey around!

Thanks for looking and keeping watching out - I'm sorting out a bit of blog candy for my own blog soon!



Unknown said...

Hi Amanda x dont be too hard on yourself x we have all done it! x Leigh x

Susie said...

Lol Amanda...we've all done it at some point!! I did that for my brother's birthday last year when the one I was making woudln't work....he wasn't bothered hehe xx

Susie xx

Nicki said...

Just forget about it! I try to keep a few cards to hand but I still never seem to have just the right one when I need it. Especially when my hubby often announces just before bedtime, 'Oh, it's so-and-so's birthday tomorrow, have you got a card?' Grrrr!!

Nicki, xx

Unknown said...

lol since I'm not a card maker Ill say the men are awkward lol! Great blog hun!!!

Anonymous said...

hi, hi amanda. and its the men, not the cards lol. just popping in to say hi! hugs!