Sunday, 19 December 2010

I intended to make some cards this weekend ....

I intended to make some cards this weekend but, what was forecast as "light snow showers" turned out to be about 7 inches of snow when we work up on Saturday morning, with the lowest temperature I clocked was -11C.  The above picture is the view from my front window.  All plans for last minute Christmas shopping, as well as last minute card making, were thrown out of the window because we just had to spend the time sledging at the local park.  I had intended to visit the German Christmas Market in Birmingham City Centre this weekend but there was now way I would get there, or get back, because of the snow.

This picture is looking out towards the main road, which was almost deserted.  The road I live in is completely covered in snow and hardly anyone has driven up the street so the snow is still quite deep on the road.

Youngest son seemed to enjoy throwing himself out of the sledge, rather than staying inside it:

We were all cold, wet and tired but had a great time at the park:

This is the reason why our cars remained on the driveway at home...  the main road was completely grid locked - 4 buses stuck trying to go up hill, and three stuck trying to come down hill, with no one going anywhere.  In the middle of the 7 buses, and out of picture, was a gritting lorry desperately trying to clear the snow from the road so that things could get moving again.  It took my father seven hours to drive home from work yesterday afternoon - a journey of 20 miles!!!

And last night, a bit out of focus but I'm no expert photographer!

So, we have spent today digging my OH's car out of the snow, ready for the drive to work tomorrow morning and have been to a kiddies Christmas party this afternoon.

If I haven't made enough Christmas cards, then I'm afraid it will be bought ones.  I have been ill for the past two weeks and so I am really behind with my Christmas preparations.  I think my craft stuff will need to be cleared from the dining table now until after Christmas, which should give me a bit of spare time to visit around your blogs!

I want to say a big "Hello" to my new followers and a huge "thank you" to all of you who have visited my blog this year - I truly appreciate it.

I hope its not too cold where you are and thanks for visiting!



Unknown said...

It looks so COLD but seems so much fun too , lovely photos xxx

jackiescrafts said...

Thanks for sharing your photos Amanda they are lovely, the snow looks so pretty it's such a shame it causes so much disruption

Take care and stay warm
Happy Christmas
Hugs Jackie x

Brenda Brown said...

Hi Amanda, I thought I would log on and say hello to a few friends. Sorry I still haven't got time to pop over regularly, with Mum in hospital, but it's lovely to see your photos. We are in a similar position and as I look out of the window it has started to snow again (it was forecast for this afternoon!!).
If I don't get to visit again this week, have the most wonderful Christmas, and enjoy the festive season with family and friends.
Take care, keep warm and well. Luv {brenda} xoxox

Sarah said...

Gorgeous photos Amanda, the snow sort of disrupted my plans for this weekend too. My boys went sledging on Saturday afternoon while the snow was still falling, it was so so cold!

Hope you are feeling much better and have a wonderful Christmas xxx


OMWord - it looks beautiful, but causes such havoc - let's hope it disappears very quickly. At least you had a very happy Son!! Here's wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas. Hugs, Sylvia xxx