Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Another bear - and about time too!

It has been a whilte since I posted one of my bear pictures onto my blog.  To be honest, I did finish this one about 2 weeks ago but I knew that I would have to schedule a few posts during June so I've saved him for one of those.

He's made with a vintage short pile rayon, with ultra suede paw pads.  I'm not sure how tall he is but here he is in my hand - so that give's a bit better perspective of his size. 

Ooooh, and if you rememer my last bear posting, the unanamed polar bear, I said that he was like a dirty polar bear and I couldn't decide on the name.  He is now proudly named Bertie, thanks to the suggestion by The Crafty Duck.  When I was in junior school there was a boy in my class that we called Dirty Bertie because he always left a bit of KitKat at the sides of his mouth for Ron (Later Ron!).  So my polar bear is now called Dirty Bertie.

If time allows, I'll post a few pictures on how I made him.

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Doreen said...

This is beautiful Amanda,so delicate for a bear.It reminds me of when I was young, my Mother used to make all of our teddy bears.Oh what memories.xxx

Nina Macaulay said...

OMG that is such a sweet bear you have made!!
You are really clever, it is sooo cute, and he is tiny!

I like the name for your polar bear Lol

Hugs Nina

Paula said...

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!! Please can I have him???? he's just adorable!!!
You are so clever!

Paula xx

p.s Dirty bertie made me giggle xx

stitchy said...

Amanda, this is absolutely adorable, I love him, do you sell these? If you don't you should, they are beautiful...you are so talented..hey, I am wondering, are you still interested in the DT position at OSAAT? Let me know if you could hun..just making sure

stitchy xoxox

Sarah said...

Oh wow he is absolutely gorgeous xxx

Susie said...

Aw what a cutie!! I love his little face xx

Susie xx

Jennifer said...

Totally adorable! xx Jenny xx

Mel X said...

Aww Amanda he's soo adorable. I'm in awe of the detail you put in - like his feet for example - just look at his lickle toes!! Gorgeous.

Mel X